Iris Aracely Siney Subuyuj

Iris Aracely Siney Subuyuj

Iris grew up learning sewing from her mother. Her mother taught her how to sew the bright clothing in which Guatemala is famous. At first, Iris sewed with her hands, but she soon had the dream to start a clothing production business using machines. Unfortunately, Iris did not know how she was going to save the money necessary to buy a sewing machine.

Iris started with her first FAPE loan 3 years ago. With her first loan, she bought a sewing machine and started selling her product to clients from Guatemala City. She realized she could not produce as much as the demand required, so she borrowed another loan to buy another sewing machine and hire someone to help her. Now, Iris runs a mini-factory with 10 sewing machines and 8 employees. The employees produce close to 400 blouses every day. Iris is only 21 years old, but she is a business owner with a very bright future.

Iris would not have the business she has today, if it wasn´t for the help of FAPE. Microcredit has given her the opportunity to start a business, and grow the business to provide a better future for her and her family.


1 calle  "B" 5-15, Colonia Cotio, zona 2, Mixco, 

Teléfono: (502) 2464-9306 y (502) 3026-8948

Skype: fundacion.fape

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