Juana Orizar Ramirez

Juana Orizar Ramirez

Juana Orizar Ramirez started her business selling fabrics in a local market. At first, her only option was to borrow money from an area loan shark. She then used the money to buy 1 or 2 fabrics from the city and then went to the local market to sale the fabrics to customers. The problem was the loan shark only loaned her a little bit of money each week, and he charged 25% interest each day she had the money. "I could not grow my business with those moneylenders," Juana says. During this time, Juana had three children, and she could not feed her children or pay for their schooling. One of her daughters was disabled and Juana could not leave her alone without supervision.

After a few years of struggling with this high interest rate, a loan officer from FAPE came to Juana and offered her an individual loan option with FAPE. Juana could finally retain her profit after selling the fabrics, instead of giving all her profits to the loan sharks. Her larger loan allows her to buy more than 40 types of fabrics to sell in her store and make more income.

Today, Juana has proved herself responsible enough to handle two individual loans at once in the amount of Q6,000 each (almost $2000 USD!) She has expanded her business, and she has opened up another store front and hired employees to work there. "I have bought my own house and car, also!" she boasts with pride. Now, her 6 children all attend school and they each have very promising futures in whichever careers they decide to pursue.

"I am appreciative to God and to FAPE that I could move forward and that my children are doing well. This opportunity allowed me to be with my children and buy a car!" Many times, financially disadvantaged people simply need access to fair credit and it makes a world of difference.


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