Maria Del Carmen

Maria Del Carmen

Maria Del Carmen started her entrepreneurial life by selling American clothing. But, after a short time her business failed because her sales were too low. Maria did not know what to do next. Then, she came up with a great business idea by talking with people in the area. She learned that most people wanted a good place to buy a snack or a quick lunch, but there were not any good restaurants that offered this service.

The problem was Maria was too poor to buy all the materials she needed to start serving food to customers. Maria could not save enough money to start her business, and she was denied loans from the formal banks. At this time, a group of borrowers approached Maria to join their FAPE communal group. This group of borrowers trusted Maria and decided she was responsible and hardworking enough to join their group.

With the help of FAPE, Maria received a loan to buy the materials necessary to start her snack serving business in her home. "I bought big pots with my first FAPE loan, so that I could serve many customers," said Maria. After a few loan cycles, Maria has grown her business and now she owns a storefront in a bigger market away from home. She has also hired a few employees to help her throughout the day. "My profit has increased almost double since I started with FAPE!" Maria states with pride.

When asked how her life has changed with the help of FAPE, she says, "Very much because the FAPE services are a great help. There are many things that they offer that are rare for us like life and health insurance. I no longer have fear of unexpected emergencies."

Many times, the most appreciated services are the insurance products that offer the clients protection from life emergencies. But moreso, these products offer the clients a peace of mind when they sleep at night. This can change the lives for people whom normally need to worry of the unknown.


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