C. Health Project

FAPE realized the great need among the clients for health services. Both preventative health education and primary health care is vital for the success of families and businesses. A severe illness can harm not just an individual, but an entire business and savings.

FAPE decided to implement the motto:

"Healthy Women = Healthy Businesses"


How it works:

To hold true to this motto, FAPE hired a full-time medical staff to visit microcredit groups and offer health consultations and practical techniques for good health (such as nutrition and hygiene). Each client receives a visit at least once every two months by a member of the medical staff.Our health services are completely free for each of our clients.

These services allow the women to focus more on their business, staying less in the hospital and more in their houses and stores. By increasing the probability of healthy clients, FAPE is helping to break the poverty cycle, one healthy business at a time.


Dr. Theresa Upun consulting patientHealth Project


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