Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

FAPE has decided offering microcredit is not the only way to solve poverty situations. Thus, the organization decided to provide holistic business and personal development services beyond the financial resources. FAPE has chosen to offer training classes and health consultations at no expense to the clients. This allows our clients to accomplish our motto: 'Healthy Women = Healthy Businesses'.

Our goal is do what is necessary to stop the poverty cycles that continually exist in Guatemala. We have found our holistic methods do just this. Just ask some of our clients.


Remaining a Non-profit

Over the past decade, many microfinance institutions have converted from not-for-profit models to for-profit models. This change has gradually lead to revisions in target populations for these for-profit institutions. Whereas before they were targeting the poorest, now many must only target the upper-poor classes.

FAPE is committed to the poorest segments of the society, regardless of the circumstances. The microloans do not require neither collateral, nor proof of positive credit history. FAPE is a non-profit organization, and will continue to be a non-profit organization as long as the poorest are being disregarded by business development institutions.


Our Clients

Over 95% of our clients are entrepreneurial women, this is because we have found that women are much more likely to focus on long-term generational impacts such as children's education, family health-care needs, and improvements to housing stock.

Many of our clients become successful business owners. These clients are motivated, hard-working individuals that simply need a 'hand-up, not a hand-out'.


It is estimated that only about 4% of the worldwide demand for microloans is being met. It is our main goal to offer more people this life-changing service through the FAPE model that is both sustainable and scalable in function.

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