A mile in the shoes of a Rural Guatemalan

  • Rosa, a poor rural Guatemalan, has strong skills in embroidering hand-made clothing.
  • She wants to buy a sewing machine to increase production and sell more goods.
  • Rosa has two options to raise the needed capital to buy her sewing machine: savings or loans.




  • Rosa tries to save money. However, due to common hurdles that poor people must overcome (disease, disasters, poor harvest, etc.) Rosa is never able to save enough money for the sewing machine
  • Rosa tries to borrow from a bank, but due to her unreliable living conditions and lack of collateral, there is not a bank that is willing to give her a small loan that carries such a high risk.
  • Rosa is forced to continue sewing her unique clothing by hand. She will not grow her business because she lacks access to capital.

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